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ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE  : "Cometary Orbital Drive"

ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE  : Cometary Orbital Drive (LP and Digipack CD)

1- "Cometary Orbital Drive" Digipack CD with bonus track 2008  (BBCD 012)
CD €13 (inc. shipping anywhere) :
2- "Episodes of Cometary Orbital Drive" LP : completely different mix than the CD version but does not contain the entire album CD. 2008 (BBLP 013)
30 € (inc. shipping anywhere) :
3- Digipack CD with promo postcard for "Cometary Orbital Drive"
14 € (inc. shipping anywhere) :
4- Lp with promo postcard & poster for " Episodes of Cometary Orbital Drive"
35 € (inc. shipping anywhere) :
5- Lp, Digipack CD, promo postcard & poster
45 € (inc. shipping anywhere) :

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