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Signs of the Silhouette "Spring Grove"

Signs of the Silhouette is a project that connects sound exploration with video.

Free psychedelic improvisations and powerful metronome-like rhythms.

The album is inspired by a fascinating documentary “LSD: The Spring Grove Experiment”, broadcasted by CBS , the american network, in 1966. It portrays several experiments of psychotherapeutic treatments of emotional issues such as isolation, alcoholism, depression by the supervised take of LSD. The most fascinating moments are when patients describe the effects of the drug as they are experiencing them just after the ingestion.

The four, obviously trippy, songs comprising The Spring Grove (each between thirteen and twenty four minutes) burst out and propel the listener into a journey at nothing less than full speed. Guitar feedback and note clusters from the keyboard mix like shades of sun yellow and ocher on a painter’s palette, illustrating perfectly the violent shock of an acid trip. The role of each musicians evolves within each song, each playing successively the role of soloist or accompanist. The boundary between group jam and orchestrated improvisation is deliberately broken, the conventions are annihilated and from chaos comes harmony.

Despite the incredible energy delivered by the musicians, let’s not forget that Spring Grove is a trip and like every trip, it offers a variety of landscapes. Weary contemplations follow sonic chaos to better morph into cosmic serenity. With their deliberately limited vocabulary, Signs Of The Silhouette still achieves to evoke all the emotions, colors and shapes of an introspective journey, with or without acid…

1- BBLP 023 (double Lp)
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31,90€ Europe (inc. shipping)
2- BBCD 023 Digifile CD
€7,90 France (port inclus)

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