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Charlie Plane "way out"

Je préfère vous avertir tout de suite, c'est une chanteuse sublime !

Bam Balam is proud to present Charlie Plane with Charlotte, female singer extraordinaire.

Charlie Plane is an emerging french Indie folk/rock band comprised of Charlotte, lead singer, piano and guitar player and Shob who plays both bass and drums at the same time. Charlie Plane can evoke sometimes Cat Power or Shannon Wright, but it's its own atmosphere that really sets the band apart. Carried by a strong and beautiful voice, the duet captivates the audience with its fragility and tension control.

One of the greatest female voices in french folk/rock music; something about the way she sings is just mesmerizing. Awesome voice, and so full of soul. If this girl’s voice doesn’t move you, then you don’t have a pulse.

December 2014 (BBCD 027) Digifile CD
Six songs studio album

Digifile CD - BBCD 027-

€ 6,50 France (port inclus)

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