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“La colonna sonora dell’età moderna” (The soundtrack of the modern age)

An underground and unusual project from Turin, Italy.

Two or so hours of acoustic aggression, improvisation, and monologue in Italian make up this 2 part records.

This is not a band, this is a project. 

Italian artist Massimo Divenuto conceives of music as a soundtrack for his paintings and exhibitions. These are not songs in Italian, these are chronicles from Italy with free form music of the psyche-stoner-kraut-experimental sort. All the lyrics are in Italian and relate actual events that happened either in Italy or around the world. Any resemblance to real events or real persons, living or dead, is purely intentional.

The distortions of all sorts and the strong compressions are pursued with this purpose in mind.

  Double CD Digisleeve - BBCD 029 - 2015 -
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