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BAISONG WU and MAKOTO KAWABATA "Rivers And Mountains"


Bam Balam Records - BBLP 032 -

-Vinyl edition only - 2016 -
- Very Limited Edition  100 copies -


Indie lo-fi folk, freak folk, free folk, acid folk.

Makoto Kawabata of psych-rock legends, Acid Mothers Temple, present Baisong Wu from China.

Baisong Wu came from a small town of Shandong Province of north China (which is near Mount Tai and Tsingtao), most of his records are done there. Now he is living in Shanghai.

Sounding out of time. It retained the largely acoustic guitar of folk, but Makoto added musical influences to psychedelic rock who combine naturalistic guitar elements with lo-fi and psychedelia.

This is a lovely folk and impressionistic record, the other side of Makoto’s outrageous works with Acid Mothers Temple.

Mastered by Mad Rabbit (The Snobs, Paris)


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