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Bam Balam Records - LP : BBLP 038 - CD : BBCD 039

- LP -Vinyl limited edition - 2016.

Avant-garde from Portugal

“NU” is the 5th record from Signs Of The Silhouette, lead by incredible guitar player Jorge Nuno and remarkable drummer Joao Paulo Entrezede.

Introduction of a relative calm giving space its own form of expression and introduction of a new instrument: the piano.

Improvisation is still the main ingredient used by the band to create their new opus. But right away, Signs Of The Silhouette states clearly that their wall of sound era, so characteristic of their fantastic previous album “Spring Grove”, is over.

“NU” alternate with a disconcerting ease different ambiances all within the same track, casting an inescapable spell on the unsuspecting listener.
Avant-garde, noise rock, free jazz or ultimate free-rock?
With Signs Of The Silhouette, no need to chose! The band creates this incredible alchemy allowing the transmutation of one genre into the other.

The album artwork was created well before the release of Radiohead’s new album; any resemblance is purely coincidental.

Lp France (port inclus) € 21,50
Lp Rest of the world € 28,50 (inc. shipping)

2- CD BBCD 039. (Cardboard sleeve but full album)
CD €7,90 (inc. shipping anywhere)

1- LP + shipping to France : € 21.50
2- LP + shipping to Europe : € 28.50

BBCD 039 - CD LIMITED EDITION Cardboard Sleeve but full album :
CD + shipping to France + Europe : € 7.90

Jorge Nuno - Guitars
Joao Paulo Entrezede- Drums

Guest Musicians:
Rodrigo Pinheiro- Piano
Hernani Faustino- Bass

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