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squimaoto : "squimaoto"


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Bam Balam BBLP 046
LP -Vinyl limited edition- Out June 2017.


Makoto Kawabata (Acid Mothers Temple) presents “squimaoto".
For him, this the best female Japanese trio of the 2000s!!

"Their music is so unique, humble like typical old-fashioned Japanese women, but also strong like typical recently Japanese women... " - Makoto Kawabata -

squimaoto is a female trio from Kobe, Japan formed in 2003. They have been preparing their comeback for 2017 with the help of Kawabata Makoto who has been remixing and adapting their album, soon to be released on vinyl .
Just by hearing the first few notes of the album, the chaos seems overwhelming.
However this chaos is in fact quite controlled. It is synonymous with loops, permanent returns to square one, then a few detours, and recurring pitfalls.
The rhythm, the beat is square, obsessed with symmetry and despite the icy echoes of a distant guitar, the cymbals hammer a cadence which is neither brutal nor lazy. That’s where the uneasiness resides. This mated rhythm sends the listener on an opioid-fueled trip back to the heyday of indie rock.
“Uida”, the 8 minute opening track, seems to delay the explosion, evolves, meanders slowly around an obsessive looped pattern of only a few seconds.
The trio seems to enjoy teasing the listener with a game of catch and fall which gives us the sensation of taking off and
flying. This feeling of departure feels rather uncomfortable at first , but as you listen to the record again, the
childlike melodies intertwine with one another giving the opus a certain cohesion. haji and netsuke’s voices mix perfectly and whisper an elusive fantasy into our ears, which only makes sense if nobody understands it.
We expect an explosion, the bouquet with the petals flying but that's not counting on the trio’s mischievousness and
awareness that one has to carefully manage the blooming in order to savor all its glory.
Kawabata Makoto has perfectly measured the balance provided by the majestic, yet cunning trio, which knows how to
leave the necessary space between two notes so they can fully exist, before bursting into the fury of “Hets”...


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