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Bam Balam BBCD 053 - (Digisleeve CD)
Bam Balam BBLP 052 - (LP)

- Makoto Kawabata (Acid Mothers Temple)
- Richard Pinhas (Heldon)
- Tatsuya Yoshida (Ruins)

What remains to be said ?

Richard Pinhas is one of the most atypical French musicians of the last 40 years. His guitar playing sounds a bit like Sonny Sharrock’s, with a kind of Sonic Youth treatment applied to it, yet his trademark effects reminiscent of the Heldon years can still be heard.
Makoto Kawabata who has been a big follower of Heldon, has also been a longtime friend and partner of Tatsuya Yoshida.
So, naturally these 3 re-united in 2016 at the Studio Condorcet in Toulouse (France) to record a series of fiery improvisations and experimentations.
Free noise, Blues and psychedelia are all intertwined.
The music is relentlessly broken down: percussive guitars turned bewitching metronome while other guitars are taken on a sometimes lyrical but always chaotic journey will keep the listener on edge.
Repeated listenings will trigger memories of German psychedelia or even the more recent Noise rock or No-wave.
Every title is named “Trax" followed by a number. Each Trax is a sonic outburs, relentlessly following each other. The musicians expose their most expressive and unbridled sides; it’s a Free music but without the permanent collapse.


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