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STEVE DALACHINSKY & RG ROUGH "the lunatic fringe"

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Steve Dalachinsky & RG Rough "the lunatic fringe"
CD Bam Balam Records - BBCD 078-
October 2020

New York poet Steve Dalachinsky (1946-2019) and French-English musician/producer RG Rough.
Cover art by poet and painter Yuko Otomo.

Steve Dalachinsky died in September 2019. His final album, a collaboration with RG Rough, was almost finished.

RG Rough produced and played all the instruments on the record, except for the saxophone and some drum parts.
The result is a mix between the poet's spontaneity and RG Rough's experimental music and production, where words and music interact. "the lunatic fringe" reveals two sides of Dalachinsky as a vocalist; his voice, a gentle whisper at times, will suddenly turn into a wild and menacing roar without notice...

Steve Dalachinsky played with words in a manner reminiscent of his models William Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg, creating new meaning through the use of cut-up and automatic writing. Not merely a writer, Dalachinsky was also a regular live performer alongside free-jazz musicians and friends, giving new life to his writing . You can hear the poet at work, how he breaks the rules of language to create his own and embodies his words to enter a dialogue with musical sounds and instruments such as the saxophone or the cello.


track list :
the lunatic fringe / pueblo incident 6:42
you can hihat me 3:13
officer elmore's blowout 2:56
two boys talking 3:15
where is the love at the love canal? 7:34
he did unto others 1:46
the hands 5:12
blues in f sharp 4:12
weapons of mass production 4:11
shanghied / more into song 11:07

Video : "where is the love at the love canal?"
Featuring Ryoko Ono on saxophone.


words by steve dalachinsky
music and instruments by rg rough

special guests: ryoko ono : saxophone on "where is the love at the love canal?"
ren karlmann : drums

produced by rg rough
mastered by mad rabbit

cover art by yuko otomo
layout & technical coordination by pitshark
coordination by arnould jj